6 Most Popular Games Among Avid Gamers

Every year hundreds of games are released. Whether you have a PC or a smartphone, you won't be left without games. However, some games are not worth spending precious time on them. That's why we have collected the most fascinating and modern games with excellent gameplay. Are you about leaving for college and have already arranged everything based on a college packing list? Now you have some time to add a few popular games to fill your spare time in college!

Apex Legends

The game's main idea: heroes from all over the world fly to the Outer Lands to punch for punch. It's a team game. The surviving squad wins. The characters have their original features and unique talents. It's important not to shoot whenever you want; you need to build tactics and strategies, taking into account the team's interaction. Apex is an intellectual game that requires different skills.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a sequel to a multiplayer fantasy action game where players will have an exciting solar adventure. In the game's story, the Red Legion has captured humanity's last bastion on Earth, and now players will have to conquer it. It takes about 12 hours to complete a mission. The players can play a joint game for four and a competitive mode, designed for two teams.


The main feature of the game is its full freedom. You use your fantasy and do whatever you want. You can build castles, destroy cities, fight, steal, and much more. Due to these actions, the game got a huge spread, becoming a real hit after release. You can create cyclopean statues by yourself or pull kilometers of railroads. Having cooperated with your comrades, you can build the whole city and even the whole continent!


Fortnite is a cooperative sandbox for survival. The game involves researching, collecting resources, constructing buildings, and fighting against monsters. You have to cooperate with other players to collect items to build the fort and protect yourself against zombies. The game has four different classes: a ninja, a foreigner, a commando, and a builder. Different classes have different abilities.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a world-famous computer multiplayer online game. Ten people (two teams of five people each — the Radiant and the Dire) can play this game at the same time. Each player can control one hero. One game lasts within 30-50 minutes, and you can participate in numerous dynamic battles, forming a winning battle strategy, coordinating your partners' actions.

Counter-Strike: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter that has become very popular among players. The gameplay includes two teams of five gamers (terrorists and special forces) who fight in several rounds. The graphics are clear and detailed. The picture looks modern and nice. There are two major modes. The first one is bookmarking a bomb. The terrorists must set the bomb and special forces to disarm it. The second mode is the hostage rescue. The SWAT team must save the hostages, and the terrorists must not let them escape.